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Counter Application – Part One

LinkedinemailFacebookTwitterThis is first of three part series article that will show you how to build fully functional application whose purpose is to keep track of multiple counter values that user can update (increments/decrements it’s value). This first article will describe

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Cordova – First Application – Part 1

LinkedinemailFacebookTwitterFew days ago I run into nice article about Apache Cordova basics: An Introduction to Cordova. I read before about Cordova but never had a chance to try it out, so after reading this article I decided to give it

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Android – Implement list view in combination with swipe view

LinkedinemailFacebookTwitterIn this article I shall present how I have implemented swipe view in combination with list that resembles  Gmail application on Android, you can check screenshots  of Gmail application here. I am about to explain details of implementing small application having as main

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Swipe Menu for List View – Review of SwipeMenuListView library

LinkedinemailFacebookTwitterRecently I found couple of applications that have that nice feature when you swipe item on list view you get menu with additional options that you can click and perform an action . I checked out Android Arsenal to see

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Android – List View and Contextual Action Mode

LinkedinemailFacebookTwitterIn case you want to create list view with option for user to select items of a list and perform certain action on them (example is Gmail application where user is able to select multiple email records and delete them in

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Android – How to make time scheduled service

LinkedinemailFacebookTwitterI have been trying to implement a service that will be scheduled on certain periods of time, for example when users selects an action in application, service should be scheduled  to run every five minutes for one hour processing some

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