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Tutorials and recommendations on IBM Maximo configuration and customization

Outbound Transactions – modifying data on the fly

Google+LinkedinemailFacebookTwitterLast week I had a requirement to transform values on some fields that are part of object structure that is used by Maximo Anywhere . To be precise, requirement was to transform data on DOCLINKS that are part of the object

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How to load failure code hierarchy using MIF

Google+LinkedinemailFacebookTwitterRecently on one of my projects I had a requirement to load failure codes and create failure code hierarchies. To achieve this I decided to use MIF (I know there are other options beside MIF to load this but I

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How to run BIRT report from Java class

Google+LinkedinemailFacebookTwitterI have seen many people on different Maximo forums/blogs have requirement to implement functionality as a cron task or custom class action that will generate report in Maximo, export it as pdf and send it as attachment in an email.

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Maximo Boot Camp tutorial for techies, part 1 – Welcome to Maximo

Google+LinkedinemailFacebookTwitterThis will be the first article in series of articles for tech beginners that would like to learn how to administer, configure and customize IBM Maximo. First if you do not know anything about Maximo I would advise you to read

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Create functionality to download item data to custom Excel file

Google+LinkedinemailFacebookTwitterWell sometimes users have a requirement to download data into excel file on a single action in Maximo application , for example item and related storeroom data  to excel file, formatted in certain way. I believe that implementing something like this might

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