Deploy and manage your Maximo instances using AnjaCI solution

Do you have issues managing and deploying multiple instances of Maximo (development, test, qa, production, etc) during upgrades and changes? Simply when you have to restart your Maximo instances due to some issues?

Whoever had opportunity to work as Maximo support administrator, know how big is the pain and possibility to make errors when building EAR files for Maximo and redeploying several instances – especially in  cases when production is vertically and horizontally clustered, not to mention that systems usually have several different instance  of Maximo dedicated for specific tasks – UI, report, cron, integration etc. Situation is getting worst when there are custom Java classes involved – that includes their versioning for each environment that is administered. Situation is even more complex for Maximo cloud providers where there can be instances dedicated to several clients, maybe hundreds if business is going really good 🙂

For all those problems AnjaDev LTD. is offering simple solution named AnjaCI that allows users to have automated and seamless builds, managing of custom code, deployments, restarts and many other things all this with minimal effort from human resources – this eliminates human errors during all these tasks and not to mention that it saves costs of maintenance.

Solution is utilizing several open source tools commonly used in some of the biggest development companies and  are integrated and combined with our own developed tools, scripts and plugins to deliver all functions covered. It is capable of tracking progress of all executed tasks with email notifications on success or failure of any tasks, in addition administrators are able to schedule any of the mentioned tasks.

Beside AnjaCI solution itself,  AnjaDev LTD. is offering support for it and in addition privilege to get consultation, review and (re)design of your Maximo architecture and environment setups based on your needs. We are able to design and implement processes organize environment to help you with maintenance and support of Maximo system.

If you are interested to find out more about our product AnjaCI and have a need for solution that will help you manage  multiple complex Maximo systems, or you simply need advise and consultation for your current/future Maximo system setup, please feel free to contact us at, we shall be glad to have a chat and help you anyway we can.


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