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Counter Application – Part Two

LinkedinemailFacebookTwitterAs mentioned in previous post that you can find here, this post will be about persisting our counter information into SQLite database that is part of Android system. Let’s start this post with creating pojo object that will hold counter

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Deploy and manage your Maximo instances using AnjaCI solution

LinkedinemailFacebookTwitterDo you have issues managing and deploying multiple instances of Maximo (development, test, qa, production, etc) during upgrades and changes? Simply when you have to restart your Maximo instances due to some issues? Whoever had opportunity to work as Maximo support

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Outbound Transactions – modifying data on the fly

LinkedinemailFacebookTwitterLast week I had a requirement to transform values on some fields that are part of object structure that is used by Maximo Anywhere . To be precise, requirement was to transform data on DOCLINKS that are part of the object

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Counter Application – Part One

LinkedinemailFacebookTwitterThis is first of three part series article that will show you how to build fully functional application whose purpose is to keep track of multiple counter values that user can update (increments/decrements it’s value). This first article will describe

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How to load failure code hierarchy using MIF

LinkedinemailFacebookTwitterRecently on one of my projects I had a requirement to load failure codes and create failure code hierarchies. To achieve this I decided to use MIF (I know there are other options beside MIF to load this but I

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Cordova – First Application – Part 2

LinkedinemailFacebookTwitterHere we go with the second part of article series with title Cordova – First Application. In first part of this series I have explained details how to install Cordova, setup Cordova project in NetBeans and finally described some details about

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Cordova – First Application – Part 1

LinkedinemailFacebookTwitterFew days ago I run into nice article about Apache Cordova basics: An Introduction to Cordova. I read before about Cordova but never had a chance to try it out, so after reading this article I decided to give it

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Google Maps – Interactive creation of polygons on map

LinkedinemailFacebookTwitterIn this post I am going to present to you how to use Google Maps API V3 to create functionality to draw polygons using polyline, just like in example hosted here. User can simply click points on the map that will

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Android – Implement list view in combination with swipe view

LinkedinemailFacebookTwitterIn this article I shall present how I have implemented swipe view in combination with list that resembles  Gmail application on Android, you can check screenshots  of Gmail application here. I am about to explain details of implementing small application having as main

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Swipe Menu for List View – Review of SwipeMenuListView library

LinkedinemailFacebookTwitterRecently I found couple of applications that have that nice feature when you swipe item on list view you get menu with additional options that you can click and perform an action . I checked out Android Arsenal to see

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